Monday, 2 January 2012

top street style of 2011

Happy New Year everyone! It seems that everyone thinks that 2011 has gone by soooo fast, and I must say that I agree. Here are some of the best street style snaps that I have found on Tumblr, Vanessa Jackson's website, and Mr. Newton!

Sorry my blog has been so silent recently, it's that time of year, Christmas with the family and all that. Mike and I went to Brussels and Amsterdam so when he decides to do something with the photos that involves a computer, I shall share them with you!

New Year was AMAZING. Spent at The Cave Club at The Buffalo Bar in London. Basically a party hosted by The Horrors, Rhys Webb squeezed my hand and smiled at me and said Happy New Year to me which made my night. I'll probably post my outfit soon...a photographer took a couple of photos of us so when they get uploaded I shall share them too! So a lot to come in 2012! But at the moment I have to focus on the ton of homework/revision that needs to be done... oh the joys.

™ - xo


Rebecca Thompson said...

LOVE the street style here, gorgeous!
Happy new year x

BABYFACE said...

love the 4th outfit on your street style of 2011, awesome post! :)
hope you had a fab new year, and thankyou for the follow lovely! xo

Liz said...

Happy New Year! I love these street styles and your outfit posts. You have such beautiful hair <3

Wynne Prasetyo said...

street styles are the best. thanks for sharing! oh i'm glad you had an amazing new year :)



Anonymous said...

Great looks! Love the second and the third one. Your new years eve sounds great and a happy new year!

sweet monday said...

All of these outfits are amazing! I particularly love the galaxy skirt in the first one.

Happy New Year x

sweet monday

Anonymous said...

awesome street style I think I like the first one,she is so sweet x

Fabliha said...

that first outfit is just divine!


Montes Y Mills said...

That first shot was one of my favorites too!