Monday, 28 November 2011

as it crumbles and breaks

Leather Jacket//Primark - Lace Blouse//Vintage - Shorts//Primark

My blog feels a bit "meh" at the moment, probably because I admit I haven't been putting much of an effort in recently! Been so busy with college work and drama shows and the like.

I swear I keep wearing tights and knee high socks, even though it's nearly December and it's freezing and I look like a pleb in shorts! I STILL don't have a winter coat yet, it's ridiculous. I keep having to wear denim/leather jackets.

My cousin Billie is arriving from France tonight to look at Central St. Martin's College in London, wooo exciting! I have made a couple of Pulp references but nobody seems to understand. If you don't get me listen to Common People by Pulp. The second line. Boom.

Well I'm off to the orthodontist now. I've had to get new retainers cos my old ones don't fit me anymore... awkward :/ 



Susanne said...

enjoy your time with cousin! :)

Isabel Rose said...

love the shirt! eugh, orthodontist- I hate that place!

Ife. said...

Cute outfit, i wore shorts on Saturday with tights when i went out, and you wouldn't believe the amount stares i got from people!! But surprisingly i was quite warm!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I reckon the boots won't last long if it snows or rains, thankfully they wern't too pricey though!

It happens sometimes, life overtakes the blog but yu'll get back into the swing of things soon enough I'm sure. :) Before getting jeans this year I braved shorts and froze - I resorted to double 100 deniors!

I really like that necklace, it's stunning.

You are some seriously fab hair!

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

So awesome! Love it

Anonymous said...

I love that shirt! I wear shorts with tights all the time, and people stare. :P

Luxi said...

aawww you are so so pretty! love the shirt


josie carr said...

lovely outfit


kat said...

I love! These are amazing. You are so pretty :3

Our Youth said...

I love your hair :) xx

Anonymous said...

love that song and I really want to go to CSM too x

Melissa said...

i love your leather jacket! and jarvis cocker=god.

Anonymous said...

nice outfit;)))