Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Krispy Kreme Glamour Glaze Review!

Hello there my lovely readers!
This morning I was greeted with a wonderful surprise from my postman - a delivery from Krispy Kreme doughnuts, who have done a collaboration with Glamour magazine, to make Glamour Glaze doughnuts. Inspired by a 70s theme, they are in orange and strawberry flavours (yep, an example of the colour blocking trend in FOOD ITEMS.) with the original Krispy Kreme base underneath. 
And my task, is to taste them and review them.

So, on the first bite...
Personally, I prefer the strawberry ones, as orange isn't really my thing. I don't really enjoy orange much, so I didn't really like them, and if any of you feel the same, I'm sure you'll have someone to eat the orange ones for you! (I know I do...) And with a box of 12 for £9.45 you can share them around! When it came to the strawberry ones, they were personally a little bite of heaven. Sweet stawberry, the crispy base, AND THEY'RE GLITTERY. And £1.35. Nuff said really?

So all in all, some damn good doughnuts. And they're fashionable, so you don't have to feel guilty.

™ - xo


tegan said...

they are SO cute i reeeally want to try the strawberry ones! :)

ps. i tagged you to do a 'little things that make me happy' post! >.<


Catte said...

You have made me insanely hungry right now...


Hazel Mamaril said...
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Poppy said...

I love Krispy Kremes. These look so pretty!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Such a brilliant collaboration. x hivenn

ktzfrnk said...

i have never eaten them but i belive they are delicious :D xx

Melissa said...

I LOVE KRISPY KREMES! love the colours, so pretty

ronan said...

ooh look at those! stunninnnng and yummy, i'd go for the strawberryones too :P thanks for your lovely comment xxx


Mariella said...

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are TO DIE FOR *dribbles* :P

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Wow! those donuts loook soo damn good! And awesome they're glitter, such a PLUS! :D
How lucky you got to do a review for KK. :D lol

I want to say thank you for you comment on my last outfit post, with my lacey cross studded shirt idea, loved it! :D ♥