Thursday, 18 August 2011

Why charity shops are awesome

People often sneer at charity shops, saying their for grannies or what not. Well actually, they're immense. All of these photos above are of things I've purchased from charity shops, and each item is usually about £3! Not to mention it's all for a good cause. So I don't really see any faults with them.

In fact, the boater hat in the first picture caused me to get featured HERE.

Other than that I've basically been having a lazy day today. It's raining like mad, I only left the house to get a wrap and some crisps from Tesco, so now I'm sporting pyjamas and a wooly cardigan....

-™ xo


Charlotte said...

Whaaaat? :O
Are you kidding? I looove this stuff. Give me some! <3

Rebecca said...

I wish I could find things like those in charity shops where I live, I LOVE the collar on the shirt xx

Merlins Beard said...

I love that lemon shirt ! I love charity shoppping ! x

tegan said...

laaaav the 5th picture! charity shops are the BEST, i need a spree ;D

thanks for my comment - feather extensions are big in america, i saw them on someone's blog and on youtube and was like WOW I WANT THEM! i think the hairdresser puts them in for you and they last a month-6 weeks! you can get all sorts of pretty colours, but i don't know anywhere where they would do them :(
and thanks!


N√°dia said...

aaaamazing findings <333

Nicole Holm said...

Lovely! I love vintage shopping, and the fact that it is very inexpensive is nice too!

Hazel Mamaril said...


Vanessa said...

Everything looks fab !

vintage process said...

Great looks! I love it!!

tog_girl said...

excellent selection and thank you for the shoutout!

enjoy your holidays.

20thCgirl said...

Charity shops are amazing - you just have to hunt through loads of crap to finally get a gem! Looks like you hit the charity shop jackpot though :P

<3 the dress and jumper!

kat said...

L O V E c:

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the comment my lovely, these are such amazing purchases! I love charity shops so much too because of the wonderful gems like yourself has found!

Lots of Love,
Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

Hazel said...

I absolutely adore the coraly-coloured blouse. So pretty.

My dress came in the post the other day, thank you soo soo very much it's lovely :)


Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

I am now very, very, jealous.

I WISH there are charity shops in Singapore/China. Those clothes are gorgeous! And so are you.

Elly said...

love the second jumper so much; i think charity shops are the best, you get unique clothes for hardly anything:)
xo Elly @

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