Friday, 24 June 2011

Movin' through a whirlwind baby

OH MY JESUS, I'm such a bad blogger. It's been over a WEEK! A bloody WEEK! Well my Dad has been non stop hogging the computer, and my Mum's laptop is a tiny bit dead (my aunt poured wine on him LOL. I mean, not LOL. RIP. sort of.) 

Anyway these are some really boring posey outfit photos from the built in webcam on my computer. Sorry. I leave for a week and come back with crap stuff... and then some pictures of Mike, cos he's always complaining that he's never on here anymore. So there you go. There's some Mike. Isn't he pretty. I'll do something proper soon, promise. I kind of have an idea. So yea. OO ER PROM SOON! I went out last night and some chavs thought I was twelve. :/ 

SINGLE OF THE WEEK : Cat's Eyes - Sunshine Girls  

™ - xo


Charlotte said...

I`m just being echanted by your dress. It`s so beautiful!


LeniundLaura said...

nice blog . i like ;)

* The17 YearOldNaive * said...

If your a bad blogger- then I would have to be the worst blogger!!
your gorgeous and I love the cute bird(?) necklace.
after my tattoo, I've started getting this 'thing' for doves and birds
x) XO

bee. said...

Oo, have fun at your prom! My boy hates being on my blog haha

Melissa said...

your dress and necklace are super cute! awesome photos!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Beautiful dress! And I also love your necklace!

Liza said...

I love your floral tunic! Your blog is awesome.


Emma said...

hi stopped by cute blog, like the dress!!! Check out my blog... :)

xo Emma

erin :) said...

i'm luvin that peter pan collared dress.
and dont worry, you're a better blogger than i've been! haha. hope you're having a lovely summer!