Thursday, 9 June 2011

Into your arms, I will go

Hello :) Just some nice pictures that popped up on my Tumblr dashboard. I can't be arsed to take pictures of what I'm wearing because at the moment it hasn't been that exciting, and anyway I have to find an exciting location seeing as taking them in the convenient place, i.e, my Mum's studio is far too "yuppie" for some people's liking. (anon Formspring message)

I'm sorry if I annoy you, so I'll clear some things up:

-I'm sorry if going skiing offends you, it was a Christmas present and a school trip rolled into one. I don't just do it on a whim cos I'm ridiculously rich.

-I can't help it that my Mum is an author/illustrator. I didn't choose her job. I thought it was kinda cute, and it's not like she's famous or anything.

-I'm not that rich. My Dad just quit his job for a year and a half, so I really won't be living in extravagance.

I hate it when people judge you over the Internet when they have absolutely no idea.


Rebecca said...

I hate it when people judge you over the internet and they have no idea who you are or what you like. Nice pictures :)

Rachelous said...

I hate when people do that too, and hide behind "anonymous". I like when you post photos in your home! xx

Lewis Shaw said...

Your bedroom has a toaster in it. Nuff said.

Poppy said...

Lovely photographs!

Take no notice of those kind of comments, they clearly have nothing better to do.

Samantha said...

i agree with above, take no notice!
Anyway, your images in this post really are lovely, inspirational! lovely blog you have!

Charlotte said...

Love the last pic. Just adorable cause of its vintage touch xx

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the stupid anons. Make the most of the things you have, it's your blog not theirs!
I want a dress like the one in the third photo, it's pretty! X

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

GREAT photographs !

Have a super weekend.

Rebecca said...

I hate it when people are prejudice towards you when all they know of you is what you tell them.
Gorgeous pictures x

Ellenor. said...

stupid people! i hate people who judge over the internet.
haha i also love 10 things i hate about you, its one of my all time favourite films! heath ledger mmmmm.

Mon Cheri said...

formspring can be so cruel!I thought your pictures in the studio looked fab!!

love all these images <3

Anonymous said...

thank-you for the comment my lovely, where is there a picture of your mum studio? i wanna see it :3

Michelle's Style File said...

Beautiful pics- love the one with the glasses.


Cecilie said...

Great inspiration ;)!

Emma said...

Love your playlist on your blog btw, its so good :)
and the photos are lovely.
Nevr let people judge you, there will always be those jealous of you, best to ignor them, they're not worth it!

hannah said...

love these photos! and don't let what people say on the internet offend you. anything negative that's said online - especially anonymously - is cowardly and usually out of jealousy. keep doing what you do!



Nicole Holm said...

Lovely photos!