Thursday, 10 March 2011

this vintage feeling

to be the height of cool, one must always keep the tag on their glasses

Some photos of me and Erin from absolutely ages ago. I can't wait until summer, SRSLY. The day we took those pictures with the John Lennon glasses, we wore denim and we made a treasure trail through town. It was a good day...

I BROKE THE NECKLACE THAT MIKE'S  GRANDMA GAVE ME :'( Going to the jewelers today. UGH! I'm such an idiot... Also, my Formspring has quietened down considerably. Where is everyone?!


Susanne said...

wow, the weather looks so bright and sunny in your place! :O

Girl With The Broken Smile said...

Vintage is so awesome I'll never get over it. Cool shades ;D

That Blond Guy said...

Everytime I read your posts, I try to imagine them as having a British accent. YOU SHOULD DO A VIDEO BLOG SOMETIME!!! That would be cool.

I dig the John Lennon glasses. I think he pulled them off like no one else could, though. Him and Muhatma Gandhi.

Ouch...tough about the necklace.