Friday, 4 March 2011

and wouldn't it be nice to live together


Jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren 
Shirt: Topman? 
Trousers: Topman


Jumper: River Island Menswear (it was Mike's OLOL)
Vest Top: Next
Pyjama Bottoms: Primark


That Blond Guy said...

I have the exact same iPod. Same colour and everything. Even the same chip on the left side.

You guys seem so happy together. I wish more relationships were like yours.


Anonymous said...

Your boyfriend is really handsome! Is it true he's Colin Firths nephew?

My blogs being refurbished at the mo', so no link! :(
Here's some toast!
Jesse xxxx

Mandsy said...
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Mandsy said...

you look soo awesome!
loving the 2'nd pic :)

rose said...

i probably couldn't be more jealous of your hair in the second picture!


-Moi said...

nice blog:)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

These pics are awesome =-)