Saturday, 19 March 2011

I am the ghost in the back of your head

 Cricket Jumper - charity shop Baseball Tee - New Look Levi's - Thrifted Tights - River Island

These are a couple of collages I've made for my Photography project. I'm not really sure about them, but I'll see what my teacher says ("Tegan, these are awful, I don't like this, I don't like this, and I ESPECIALLY don't like this. Here is a list of things that you need to do"). And then a couple of outfit posts for today. I find that I just can't be bothered with a coat nowadays, too stuffy, so donning a jumper is the perfect solution...

Last night was this Friday Late Skate thing at the local ice rink, which was quite fun, except for all the shit music. Ed wasn't really enjoying himself (he thought he was gonna be seeing a movie) so we left a little earlier and went on a night time stroll, which was a bit random.


Chloe said...

Love the outfit posts, I really like the cricket jumper and the baseball long-sleeved tee as well :-)
I love the compositions in your collages too, beautiful photos :-)
Chloe xxx

Anonymous said...

which charity shops do you shop at? do you have any good local ones? X

crazy pig said...

I love these collages, you are very creative! I think your teacher would be silly if he don't like it, in addition, art is a specific expression of yourself and it's impossible to judge it in an objective way!
And the jumper is perfect <3

taylah said...

i LOVE your collages!
they're wonderful
i just came across your blog, i love it. and so jealous you live in england!
love taylah, x