Sunday, 27 February 2011

nananana kaspar hauser

The half term is nearly over :( And it's been a strange one. After staying my insane cousin in Cornwall, Mike and I did go to that party, but only for like an hour cos this guy kept feeling me up and stuff, and we didn't even know half the people there. So his  Mum came and rescued us, and we spent the night at his, watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

The next night, my godsister (is that a word?) Marnie, was playing a gig in Reading so we went to go watch, and we saw a really cool sax player afterwards, who was in like, the grooviest groove band of all time.

This  morning,  I've been watching The Breakfast Club and Nowhere Boy, and reading this really weird Wikipedia article about Kaspar Hauser, this boy who appeared out of nowhere. Mike's band sort of made a jamming songy thing about it.


Miami - Foals

I keep getting weird Formspring abuse about me and Mike... :/


Susanne said...

thanks for the movie suggestions :)

agent 0017 said...

loveee breakfast club whatta great movie!
thanks for the sweet comment, that single was AWESOME! (almost as awesome as arcade fire haha). definately inspiring, i listened to it a couple of times while i was working on the project :)

That Blond Guy said...


Poppy said...

I adore The Breakfast Club! Such a great film. :)