Sunday, 23 January 2011

bodies swinging in a sycamore tree

maybe it's not the best quality, but that's what makes it special. I love my little biscuit camera. It's a he, by the way, and he needs a name. I know you guys are good at this, so come on - hit me! 

SUNDAY SINGLE OF THE WEEK! (haven't done this in a while, soz) :

Chapel Club - Surfacing (lyrics to which are in the title)

Their album is out on the 31st January, I might get it if I have enough moniez... 

In other news, the other day Cam, Mike, Tommy G and I all had Tea and Toast at Marlow Towers (that's my house, my attic is pictured above) and we discovered that golden syrup is actually really nice on Twiglets, so give that a go... or not, but I suggest you do because it's scrummy.


RainboRevolver said...

I like the new layout!
What kind of camera do you normally use for your photography?

Have a nice day.

agent 0017 said...

ooh nice new look! loving the stamping on slytherins playlist esp....beatles are epic, and "paris is burning" by ladyhawke's a personal fav :)

Girl With The Broken Smile said...

That little birdcage is so cute. Nice layout, but I've gotta say, I really liked your old one :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog!

feel free to visit mine =)


Luxi said...

these are so cute, I missed your blog bb. I espesh love the one where your holding the tights.something just cute and intimate ahh