Friday, 3 December 2010

now i've got you in the undertow

Undertow - Warpaint

We had the day off school cos it snowed! After going to Mike's and finding him STILL IN BED, I jumped on him and we went to Paddy's house, then to Fleet and found a car park that had been unused and had an EPIC SNOWBALL FIGHT.

Then back to the Pond, where we did some tobogganing. Unfortunately, they  decided to push me just a little bit faster and from a bit further back and from a slightly different angle, and I went crashing into a tree. Panicking, I stuck my ankle out, which took the full weight of the force of the crash, which really, really hurt. Paddy carried me home as we sung Christmas carols and retreated back to Marlow Towers, where my room got some pimping, Ed chatted up my Mum ("oh really Mrs Marlow, oh wow your illustration is so nice, that tiger is amazing... I hear you watch the Wire? Oh wow, me too"), I got wrapped up like a Christmas turkey, and Mike and I  made dinner - and added in a little secret ingredient... a cheerio ;)


Erimentha said...

looks like so much fun! your hair is a gorgeous colour, i'm jealous!


erin :) said...

man i wish i was part of this epic snowball fight! haha. and i dont quite understand the cheerio addition but it's ok! :)

thanks so much for visiting/followin' my blog! i really appreciate it! i'm fo sho following your's as well. :) and yes, our blogs are similar but "across the pond" (i'm going to use that term more now. i'm excited for the new british terms i'm going to learn from you. haha. :D)

nice to meet you new british friend! &greetings from seattle!
erin :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how utterly enjoyable, Im so happy you had such a lovely time (: beautiful pictures too!