Saturday, 20 November 2010


Last night I saw the new Hazza P, and it was EPIC. The films so far haven't been as good as the books, they haven't really done them much justice, but this was AWESOME. Probably because they had more time cos they split it in half. (LIKE A HORCRUX :3)

First of all, Emma Watson's acting was actually GOOD. Usually I haven't really liked her acting, but she was really good in this one. There was a really random bit where Harry and Hermione just start dancing in the middle of a tent (pic number 3) but that was quite lols once you got over the initial cringiness of it...

For those of you are like ZOMG WHERE ARE THEY GUNNA END IT? Cos you know it's Part 1, well it ends at the part where Voldemort steals the Elder Wand :]
This film is so much different to the other six, but in a good way... more intricate detail, and even a bit of animation...there a couple of bits that are soo sad you feel like crying, but all I can say is, Ron and Hermione. AW. Me and Mike are going as Ron and Hermione to go see it on Sunday. We're all dressing up. HELL YES.


Susanne said...

yes, it's much better than sixth movie but.. i'm not as amazed as you, can't help myself :)

hannah zbitnew jagger said...

i agree! it was gorgeous <3 and i loved ron and hermione! that's so cute that you two are going as them :)


Mariella said...

I loved it so much! It was just perfect. :)