Thursday, 7 October 2010

panic on the streets of london,

Panic - The Smiths

 thats me in the middle... ;)


I love London. It's such an amazing place, busy, beautiful, and alive... there are so many back alleys and cute places you never even knew existed. too bad we couldn't find any prom dresses :/

I also realised I cannot pull off the phrase "mandem" as shown here, in this conversation held by zara and I:
Tegan: ahhhhh mandem!!!
Zara: shut up.

I think I came off as a bit of a noob, especially as we returned to Camden Market and I said "I'm back. And I'm bad." like the total GOONSLICE THAT I AM, and whenever we were squidging on/off a tube I would yell "LETS GO GO GO ... FOR THE GOLD"


Girl with the Broken Smile said...

London's always seemed like an awesome place to me, I've always wanted tovisit it some day. Cool jumper btw :)

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Gosh it just looks like you girls had the time of your lives, too cool! London seems like it's such a dream!


Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Awh! I love cities! And I'm so jealous - London seems like the perfect place! x

Leanne said...

You don't even understand how jealous I am, London is at the top of my list of places to visit! Lucky girl :). Looks amazing.