Friday, 3 September 2010

top tweets from Voldemort!

EPIC LOL, I found Lord Voldemort's Twitter, and here are some of the best tweets: 

-"September Wish: for Buffy to slay Edward. Is that too much to ask?"

-"I like to knit sweaters in my free time. And by "knit", I mean "kick", and by "sweaters", I mean "Hufflepuffs"."

-"Bieber wants to do a remake of Grease with Miley. This is a worse than when someone suggested McGonagall & Dumbledore remake Dirty Dancing."

-"I don't understand the saying "taking the piss." You stole urine? Shouldn't you be the one who gets mocked, not the other way around?"

-"Nobody's getting sued over the initals "JB." Calm the hell down. However, I'm suing Louis Vuitton. My LV initials on snake skin? Oh HELL NO!"

-"If someone asks you if you're Team Jacob or Team Edward you have permission to beat them senseless with a Harry Potter book."

-"twitterismylife. I just turned it into a horcrux."

-"Lohan is set to be released early from rehab. Hopefully when she relapses again she'll get sent to Azkaban. I'd feel bad for the dementors."

-"If you wear uggs, you have no swag."

-"I need theme music. The asthmatic in a helmet has music. The shark has music. Hell, inspector gadget had music. Get on that Death Eaters."

-"I will only refer to "Edward" as "Sparkly Cedric." "


Sofie Marie said...

The person behind this is a humour genius! Thanks for sharing,made me laugh :D

Girl with the Broken Smile said...

This is so awesome :)

adri said...

haha this just made my night. "and by sweaters i mean hufflepuffs." :) HARRY POTTER FANS UNITE!