Monday, 23 August 2010


probably one of the most overused phrases of the summer is one that involves the word "INCEPTION" and "EPIC" in the same sentence. Well guys, I must say, I agree. IT WUZ EPIC! When I first saw the trailer I was like "mmm.. another one of those guy-action-drive-cars-really-fast-and-punch-people-a-lot movies" and yes, it does have elements of that, but there is also a really interesting plotline about dreams. Kay, so at first i was like WTF? What the HELL has this got to do with anything? But then... as a storyline emerges, I totally understood. These guys are trying to manipulate this other guy's dreams so that he will do something for them (won't give too much away) by creating a dream in a dream in a dream and... OH  MY GOD IT'S JUST SOOOO GOOD, GO AND SEE IT OR YOU WILL NEVER HAVE YOUR "EPIPHANY" MOMENT IN LIFE!

Also, Ellen Page is in it, and at first I was all "WHERE'S HER BABY BUMP?" but don't worry guys, you get used to that.

Another must-see film this summer, Toy Story 3.
It was hilarious, it was clever, and it was a classic Toy Story film, nothing had changed, they hadn't ruined the original one at all, only done it even MORE justice! GO AND SEE THIS AS WELL, BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T...i don't know, but you'll regret it!

I've seen it 3 times! Take my word for it!

Have you guys seen these films? What did you think?


Mr Lonely said...

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Sarah said...

I think those were the only two movies I saw all summer in the theater, and OMG I LOVED BOTH OF THEM <3

Indie.Tea said...

:) I must the only person in the world who hasn't seen Inception yet. ...I hope to see it this week though.