Friday, 30 July 2010

a list.

here is a list of things that could only occur in my life.

-my dad just got an iphone, but to him it is not an iphone - it is the holy grail.

- my rib is abnormal, it sticks out at a funny angle, even when i'm standing up.

-it is quarter past three in the afternoon, and i'm still wearing my blue flannel cow pyjamas.

-my dog is overweight.

-it's july, and i've already planned my halloween costume.

-i think i'm a facebook addict.
-last night i stayed up til the early hours watching family guy on a tv that my nan gave me.

-yesterday i was watching charlie's angels, and they said "it's time for Plan B!" and i started singing "she said I love you boy, I love you so..." because I'm just the height of hilarity.

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Chloe In The Sky said...

yeap, primark, that's the one I was trying to recall the other day. know it has some cheap accesories and clothes, but are they of good quality and taste? hope I find an Alexa look-alike =}