Thursday, 6 May 2010

the green group!

hey guys
today I had a meeting about recycling, and we got a bit into it after we thought we could raise awareness of our school's "green group" by having fashion shows etc., and selling recycled goodies at the school's 40th anniversary fair thing!

so, I made a blog about the green group... FOLLOW IT, and check it out =)

after school, Erin and I hit up the ol' charity shop! Ah, I love working there, we have such LOLS and plus we're helping out a charity which feels good :)

anyway how are you guys doing? how was your thursday?

what's the most exciting thing that happened today? I want to know!

for me, well, I thought today was going to be really emotional blablabla but actually at lunch my friends just took my mind off my crazy home life. what's going on is my Dad's suffering from things he can't control. Wish him to get well soon (please), he would like that :)


Sofie Marie said...

I'm wishing your dad gets well soon,and I hope for the best ^.^
I think its awsome you work in a charity shop.You don't get paid,do you?

donna AND navaz said...

Oh, Get Well SOON to your dad :(
I just had an email about the new Oxfam pop-up shop that's happening in Selfridges soon and the new Mary Portas Living is Giving charity shop opening in Westbourne Grove. Can't wait for both of those!!