Monday, 24 May 2010

birthday ideas?

guys, I need your help (again)
what shall I do for my birthday? bear in mind, I really don't wanna have a party at my house, because I hate being the hostess!


Ruby said...

Yeaa i have the samee problem :)
how about swimming,
come to London,
park parties,
ice skatingg.
Havee fun what ever you do :)xx

Anonymous said...

maybe, (because the weather is so good lately)
invite everyone out for a picknick.
with some cake and a bbq and some drinks.
then you won't have a terrible mess in your own house
but still a good party :)


Bella said...

Invite everyone you know to a rave in the woods! I think that if you have woods nearby you should make the most of it... there are no woods in London which is rather sorrowful. x