Saturday, 17 April 2010

studio partaaay

well hey there!
tonight I went to a party with various artist/illustrators, mainly people who do like comics etc., which was really cool. It was at this studio that used to be a police station, and now is nick-named the "fleece station" because all of the people using the studio were working on something that involved sheep!

It was really interesting, I was like the youngest person there haha (except for a seven year old from Essex or something but I didn't see much of him) but I spoke to some guy from Canada, mainly about spring rolls, and the host was my Mum's friend Sarah (link to her blog HERE. She is awesome by the way... she dressed up as a princess once COME ON) who I talked to after I got kind of bored of hanging around listening to my Mum's "Russian Discussion" with Sarah's husband.

On the train journey back, Mum and I passed the time playing hangman..

At first we stuck to the usual hangman topics, books we'd seen that day etc.

then I shook things up somewhat..

I am a hangman genius ;)

ciao ciao 


Sarah said...

Great to see you and Layn! Just linked you in:

♥ MissyMoo ♥ said...

Hey Teagan!
Thanks for the comment on the drama blog! ;D
I love your blog, everything about it is adorable! :D Very cute!
Sounds like you had a great time at the party! :D Haha, I love the Lady GaGa inspired hangman, lol!
xx Mel

♥ MissyMoo ♥ said...

Oh, oops, I meant Tegan, sorry!