Wednesday, 28 April 2010


On saturday, we had a nice little photo shoot for my photography work, entitled 'Sanctuary' and these are some of the best shots :) we then went a bit off topic and just you know.. frolicked in the wildlife of Fleet. Which was also fun. And then got locked out of my house, and passed the time drawing on the patio and doing gymnastics on the lawn. We then went into town to buy wool and popcorn and then watched Doctor Who (I was too scared to watch - THE WEEPING ANGELS ARE FREAKY!) and Britain's Got Talent, and we ordered Dominoes, and walked the dog whilst photographing our newest BFF 'Bebz' the rubber duck. 

Today we had a day off school but I  had to go in for an exam, meaning I had to wear uniform which SUCKED. After waiting around for my friends and for my boyfriend to finish their German exam we had a nice picnic WOOOOOOOOO.


Bella said...

This reminds me of the sanctuary in the Series of Unfortunate Events movie :) (not that it was anywhere near as good as the books) x

sabine cara said...

very nice photos!

sounds lovely. x)

xx scarzz