Wednesday, 21 April 2010

photography project

hey there..
I need your help!
I know that people who read my blog, and who blog themselves are obviously pretty damn cool kids! So basically in Photography now we can do whatever we want for a project, and I just have no idea what to do. 'Fashion' is a bit too general, and I can't really do any eras as I don't own any of that stuff (and plus I think Erin is doing the same thing) so what I need you funky peeps to do is to leave a comment saying what you think I should do! Leave your suggestions! I need you!
Thanks :D


Sofie Marie said...

Difficult question.Wish I could help,but I can't seem to think of any ideas? hum.
Something to do with nature/weather.
Twinkling lights,hung across a tree?

Sarah said...

When I took photography one of our projects was to research a famous photographer and imitate their style.

I forgot the name of the photographer, but this one kid in my class did theirs based on this guy that drew chalk pictures and interacted with them. I don't really know how to explain...

pearl. said...

ive been having in mind a photo shoot i want to do for a while. i want to find a little forest or woods area and hang playing cards from the branches of trees. thats about as far as i have got with my ideas!
you lucky think have photography as a subject!
Pearl xo