Saturday, 10 April 2010

oh hai

yes, you read that correctly.
yesterday I went to BRICK LANE, the most awesome vintage fashion place, it has the biggest Beyond Retro...ever! I got some high waisted shorts, a BATMAN T-SHIRT, and a nice hair bow. Haha a lot of train/tube-ing, but so worth it. That my friends is why my blog has been somewhat ignored for the past few days, I've been staying with Erin's gran. Today, Erin had this modelling photo shoot ma bob and I got to help out a professional photographer with his photo shoot! It was so amazing! Also went to the V&A and saw some cool clothes/costume shizzle. :) So yeah, it's been a good past few days.

remember to check out my online photography portfolio, will be adding some pics of nice little flowers and erin on a climbing frame. you gotta love it guys.

ciao ciao


Anonymous said...

good that you had a good week :)

Barb said...

modeling photo shoot? AWESOME!

Sarah said...

Brick Lane sounds awesome! I wanna see the stuffs you got :D

pearl. said...

oh that sounds amazing!
oh im in need of some good vintage shopping,
Pearl xo

Kiki said...

Brick Lane sounds awesome! There are no good vintage shops like that anywhere around here :[

Imma check out your photography portfolio right now! x