Thursday, 15 April 2010

la belle france..

OK, you guys know about my unhealthy obsession with all things Paris related, but France in general is just such an awesome place. I mean look at those pictures! I have been to France many a time, I'd say every summer for fourteen years, and it is actually like that! Why couldn't I live there instead of... FLEET. I mean just say it... FLEET. It sounds so.. CRAP! Come on, France is so cool. In many schools they don't have school uniform so people can be really individual, and in the schools that do have uniform, it's really cute! Not like ours which is bloody MAROON! And they have awesome balconies and twisty iron gates and those buildings with the really fancy rooves.. sigh

oh and look at my TUMBLR... it's groovybeans! ;)


Fur Knee. said...

please follow : )

Felix Curds said...

I know what you mean! Join the club- francophiles united. haha:)

Felix Curds said...

btw, thanks for following. your too sweet!