Thursday, 25 March 2010

today was a pretty good day because

1.) i had double photography and i took some pretty good metallic pics and i even took some underwater ones and ones of us lot pissing around outside haha

2.) i got to pick nanny p's intense scab

3.) at lunch i got to finish off emily's jelly

4.) i didn't have english because i had this talk about drug misuse. it was hilarious, me and mike spotted some people in the audience who we just didn't recognise, blatantly random people who put uniform on to listen to a talk on drugs

5.) i did more work for a charity shop which always makes you feel good



Anonymous said...

I love the picture in your blog
and good you had such a good day.
I wish I had photography class.
I think your storm is slowly coming to me... hmm :(

Felix Curds said...

A storm?!!! How wonderful, I'm jealous:)

the girl with the satchel said...

THAT STORM WAS SOME SCARY SHIZZLE, but it was awesome when your inside in your pjs xxx