Wednesday, 10 March 2010

sorry about all that random pointless sheit! so today is Wednesday which I love which I won't go into because that would just be referring back to all that shizzle! Anyways, Wednesdays are fun cos I have PACE and Drama. ;) In Drama we had a cover teacher so we didn't do anything. She sat in the corner and read. Anyway, we formed an acoustic band called 'Boom' where we have this song that's like "Bang bang bangiddy bang I said a bang bang bang" etc. We're entering the school talent show, "Calthorpe's Got Talent" with it. We're hoping to get the "Worst Act" prize ;) tomorrow is officially THE DAY WHEN EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING. My friend is finding out if she's ever coming out of hospital. I'm getting my  braces off. I get my results back. I have my ISA (In School Assessment) and my friend's Mum is going into hospital to have a growth ("Trevor") removed. Wish her luck guys! xo


pearl. said...

wow, action-packed day!
Pearl xo

ruby in wonderland said...
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