Sunday, 7 March 2010


kay so I just watched the film 500 days of summer. I did really like it with it not being in order and the whole 'expectation' 'reality' thing and how they have loads of fun in IKEA. But the ending is so random! he has to try and get over this dream amazing fun girl and so he meets this girl called Autumn. It works but ... WOAH random! but yeah I would recommend to a (blog reader) friend! tomorrow is Monday, and I hope you are all prepared. 

Try and have fun on a Monday. And tell me what you did.


pearl. said...

Oooh i want to see that movie!
Well it should be (without you knowing) already e saved to your computer under Pictures or My Pictures ir watever ts called, presuming you have Windows and not a Mac? But anyway if you want change it or see where it gets stored just click on the little round thing above the polaroid-maker and it should come up with a window saying where it is stored and ypu can also change some effects on your photos :)
Hope that helped, if you dont get ill explain it better :D
Pearl xo

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures!
and yeah, i had a boring monday
as usual:(