Sunday, 21 March 2010

i'm so glad that Nicole won America's Next Top Model! She's such an inspiration, first off she's a REDHEAD (hell yeah!) and all the other girls in the house had an aversion to her because she was awkward. They were all convinced she wouldn't win, and she pulled through. So glad she won <3


Anonymous said...

I love that photo!
and which season is that?

Little Miss Dramatic :) said...

Hey, never read your blog til now but its good! You apparently follow my joint blog with my best mate entitled 'Drama Queens...our life in, out and full of drama.' Good on you! Lol I'm surprised anyone can actually survive reading my posts. :P
Anyway you're blogs real interesting and I must agree about the redheads thing. With me, being a redhead, I often get sick of insults lol so yay to someone who actually likes my hair! :P And if you're joking about it, I don't blame you, I hate my hair :D
Well, hope to continue reading your blog, and hope you enjoy mine!