Monday, 29 March 2010


i took this picture last week, seriously spring has like... SPRUNG here. Not proper SPRINGING like Tigger or anything but you know a few hops here and there. Okay my analogies really don't work. The point is, weather wise things are looking up. Well except for today, it rained alot. But I LOVE RAIN. And I'll say it again. LOVE THE RAIN.

Well enough with the weather!
Not much as been going on but the thing with that guy has been taken to a whole new level.. and I lost one of my friends but it was her decision so it's all a  bit confusing she's just not hanging out with us anymore...

Today my Mum said "I wonder if a one legged person is called a monoped?"
is this true people?
My mum is so wierd.

ciao ciao -™


Sofie Marie said...

I dont know if its just me,but I can't see any picture! Waaa,I hope my computer isn't effing up.Hum? well....sounds like your mums alot of fun.
Sofie ^^

the girl with the satchel said...

woo wasnt that photo of those flowers in the park :) samage the rain is the best xx

Anonymous said...

I love itttt!