Sunday, 28 February 2010

passing it on...


bella from english eccentric said that I would be 'good at this sort of thing' so let's see...! basically this blog, little blog of happiness started this tagging and passing on shizzle, where you write 12 likes, 1 love, and 8 hates, and then you can learn new things about people! yay!

1.) I like flower fields
2.) I like photography
3.) I like dresses
4.) I like finding funky new blogs/ music artists
5.) I like Teen Vogue
6.) I like Thursdays
7.) I like tea
8.) I like my friends (well I love them, but you can only have one love in this thing)
9.) I like picking scabs (oh shut up it's really therapeutic)
10.) I like crumpets
11.) I like writing
12.) I like BLOGGING! 

1 love
well person wise, my family (but my friends too, but DAMNIT THERE'S NO ROOM!)
and like stuff wise, Alice in Wonderland!


8 hates
1.) wearing blue jeans with the rest of your uniform
2.) curly fries (you know, with the orange-y stuff on them, BLEUGH)
3.) when swans get really angry at you for no apparent reason
4.) my friends and shizz being so scared of my dog :(
5.) having people round my house, like, being the hostess
6.) the sort of clothing we all wore in year six/seven
7.) justin beiber
8.) getting out of bed!!

and there you have it :)
Now I pass it on to three people


Erin (obvz!)
Ruby! (she's new to da blog ting!)

ciao ciao -™


Celeste said...

tea and crumpets!!! my fave (:

Sarah said...

"3.) when swans get really angry at you for no apparent reason"

^^This made me laugh. My sister once got attacked by a swan--it was pretty scary at the time

And I agree with almost all of your likes (except 9 and 10, never had a crumpet).xx

Barb said...

only 1 love? I'd never find an answer for that!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE picking scabs too ^_^

Calypso said...

Hey cute blog <3
YES finally somebody else who hates justin bieber :D
mmm crumpets :)

Love from Calypso

Bella said...

hates justin bieber and loves alice in wonderland? Damn, why didn't I think of those! ;) I told you you'd be great at this :) x

Leanne said...

Ahhhhh I love this post :).
And thanks for "passing it on", I will definitely get to it!
Haha, I like Teen Vogue and dresses too... and omg, picking scabs is SUCH a bad habit of mine!

Haha, is the Justin Beiber wave hitting over there too? Yikes. And I have no idea what crumpets are D: