Monday, 22 February 2010


hellooooooo peepz. sorry for a WEEK WITHOUT POSTING - OMG. I was in Florida, and it was DA BOMB! OK that was a bit gay. But anyway it was hilarious filled with shopping sunshine palm trees old people racoons flea markets a stuffed hamster juicy couture collapsible collinders sunny d and a GHETTO WOMAN WHO ENJOYS TURNIPS. fffmmll i don't want to be in RAINY ENGLAND now. got a day off school to recover from the jet lag.

check the vintage polaroid camera i found at the flea market! ^
(unfortunately i had no money or trunk space.)

ciao ciao -™


Sarah said...

Glad you had fun in FLO-Rida! It's too bad you couldn't get the polaroid camera. I am currently wanting one but lacking in the energy to hunt one down for cheap!


Leanne said...

Oh man, sounds like you had an awesome time :). Makes me want to be in Mexico right now! And that Polaroid camera looks sick, major bummer you couldn't get it. I would love one, maybe one day.

Girl with the Broken Smile said...

haha cool camera :)
good to hear you had a great time, florida sounds wonderful!

adri. said...

that is the camera i want. but its funny that your complaining about being back in england, because i would sooo much rather be there! :) haha.

pearl. said...

ooh gald you had fun! but i wanna go to florida too :(
im on the hunt for a polaroid :D
Pearl xo