Monday, 11 January 2010


do you know how much I want to live in the Southern Hemisphere right now? Ahhh, the cold is getting so boring. The UK is going through 'severe weather warnings' and we're running out of grit...! Apparently the same thing happened like 30 years ago, and the snow didn't completely melt until MARCH! GO AWAY SNOW, ROLL ON STRAPPY TOPS AND FLIP FLOPS!!
So today I came into school in WELLIES like a cool kid. :) And there's no Drama tonight... 'cos of, yep you guessed it, the 'severe weather warnings'. Garrrr. After school, Jess, Erin, and me stopped off for a much needed Starbucks. I was in DESPERATE need of a vanilla latte, I mean come on, I hadn't been to Starbucks for like four days! :O Hahah.
Kay, like 34 days til Florida... come on.... ciao ciao -™


FemmeLaMode said...

I'm bored of the snow and ice too! Due to being too lazy to learn to drive I have to walk everywhere, let me tell you walking two miles to work in the ice when I'm still not really awake is not a lot of fun!!
I'm seriously craving summer right now!

Leanne said...

Oh man, usually our snow isn't completely gone until April :P. March would be great, haha. It's a bummer, no?

Ninnu said...

I hadn't been to Starbucks since August :) I really miss their chocolate cake and frappuchinos! Sadly there's no Starbucks cafes in Finland. In here it's the coldest winter since year 2003. I'm waiting summer too!