Wednesday, 13 January 2010


it snowed overnight, damnit. I know loads of people in places like Australia are thinking "ungrateful bitch - what I'd give for some snow in this heatwave" well I'm sorry, but the novelty has worn off. Even if it did give me a day off school today :) It's mostly slushy, and just causing inconvenience. Roll on summer! I had to walk all the way to school today, and when I got there, my friend got a call saying it was closed! So I headed over to Zara's amidst a furious snowball fight by some guys in my school... oh I was so snowy.

thanks for all your comments. personally, my view on uggs is that they are kinda chavvy... but i spose they are acceptable in the winter, 'cos they are pretty warm (not that I would know). They do tend to ruin an outfit though...but whatever!! If that's your style, then go with it... be true to your own personal style :D ciao ciao -™


the girl with the satchel said...

haha hope you had an awesome day, sameage Iwas halfway to school when I got told, dude I HATE uggs, and you can't really wear them in this wheater becuase they'll go all soggy, fingers crossed for tomorrow off too, We've got to deffo meet up then xxx

Panda said...

Hahah, same here. BUT we had snow last night amazingly! :-)
Gorgeous heels, neon yellow is such a fabbity fab colour, eh?
Panda xx

SLF said...

oh paris. i'll go there in february :)

nice blog by the way!

Sarah said...

I would kill for a snowdayyy but it sucks that you had to walk all the way to school x_x I would personally be very upset if that happened to me.

C. said...

love the pictures! I want it to snow again here!

xo, C.

Alexandretta said...

what are you on about, the snows amazing?! though i think anwars decision to ban snowballs was a good one. someone put one in my bag the other day. = going to FAIL chemistry on monday. >>unimpressed<<.

love (: x

Nicole Jeannette said...

Great blog! I'll be visiting! :)