Sunday, 6 December 2009

wintery make-up

{lilac base - white centre - purple edges - black liquid eyeliner}

I'm supposed to be at panto rehearsals
but there's nobody in the house
just me.

... and I can't drive.


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Super sweet make up, love the purple, such a sweet color for this weather. =)


Carolyn @ The Daydreamer said...

I like the eye makeup. It's very enchanting!

Thanks for following. I officially adore you!

Sarah said...

sweet, I have to two cases of purple and lilac eyeshadow and I never really thought of a good way to use them :]

Kiki said...

Veryyy cute! I like the cats eye-ish eye liner. If I could be bothered enough to wear makeup, I would totally wear it like that :]

Enjoy the rest of your day x

Silverbeige said...

Hello Tegan,
This is a nice make-up! I am a huge fan of purple! It's mystic and gives positive energy.
I follow you too.:)

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I love it. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

very very cute!!! love the light purple shades, xx