Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I'm so annoyed at myself.
Do you know what I've gone and done guys? Left my camera in Erin's car!! GRRR!! I was holding it the whole way home, as well! It had all my pics of our Masquerade Photo Shoot - IN THE SNOW. They were pretty -to quote Sophie- HIP DANG! I hope she can read this, she's staying at Alice's for a while now. I hope everything gets sorted out, love you Soph xxx

Well today was our shoot, and it went pretty well, even though it was FREEZING. We got some awesome pics. Then we went back to Erin's and played Guess Who and POP UP PIRATE! Have you guys played that?? It's so ... TENSE!! We got soooo freaked out. And we played 'The Game of Life' but it failed, because we sort of gave up after Sophie left. Then we looked through magazines for inspiration for our next shoot. We then sort of lost it.

Then ...

HAVE YOU GUYS PLAYED 'OBSTACLE RACE' ON WII FIT PLUS!?! Oh my GOD!! It was so intense, we completed 'Beginner' and then we got to the third level of 'Advanced', even with Erin's skilled sister. AHHHH, it's such a calorie burner. But in Audrey's wise words 'I believe that laughter is the best calorie burner'.


ciao ciao


Camilla said...

Thanks for the comment dear! xx

Victoria said...

Those games sound fun!
Great blog :D

Violet Bella said...

oooh, love the masks, cant wait to see your shoot!

DIANA DYE said...

i love it i always find masks to be soooo myterious!! love your blog!!

Crystal Ball said...

Aw it's too bad you left your camera. Hopefully you can still upload the pictures. I'd love to see them.

Melissa said...

cant wait to see the photos, and I LOVE BOARD GAMES! And i totally agree with you- Pop up pirate IS very tense, its kinda like toast- you're waiting for him to pop up, but no matter how prepared for it, it will always make you jump!

Merry christmas!!