Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ω wow, that's special...

I could kill for one of these right now ^

my "biddy face" from a while back..^

Autumn colours are beautiful^

I am on the phone to Erin. She says hi.
I just made her a new header for her blog, it pretty much looks like mine hehe ^^ check it out here

Before school today I was waiting for the bus with Krishy, Sarah, and Ainsley. The bus was seriously running late, and Krishy was panicking because she had an exam. So she was like "right I'm getting a taxi!" So Sarah went with her, and then me and Ainsley went along for the ride! :) It was so awesome!! Except when we got to school nobody noticed us looking cool and stepping out of a taxi. Meh. -.- I thought the whole experience was kinda exciting. I hardly ever get taxis, so it was great! Especially to school, that's just so out of the ordinary...

Right, so today is Tuesday which means I had READING in form first thing. I'm reading "Almost French" which I adore because it's set in La Belle Paris, my fave place EVER.
First was Maths, which is always crap. Then English where me and Erin wore our specs. It was so boring, me, Erin, and Tim were forced to draw for the whole lesson! Then after Break, (I just typed in £14 for some odd reason...) was Double History which was hilarious. I was wearing my glasses, of course. :) We spent like 10 minutes talking about how everyone likes their tea, and Ben and Tim kept trying to come up with names for the Sweet Stall that Mrs Jones is doing for House Day at random points in the lesson. Ah, I love History. We just laugh about nothing. Miss Jones delays so much time telling us lovely stories!
At Lunch we planned our outing to go out for a meal on the last day of term to ASK. It's gonna be awesome, we're all getting all dressed up and everything :) Mum said she'd pay for it if I do well in school. So, yeah. I probably will... ! And we read Erin's UP magazine (I mentioned this before, A MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO THAT AMAZING FILM...!). Then in Science, Jess & Erin cut pictures of the old dude and Russell etc., and we distributed them around the room on people's Homework Diaries, then watched their reaction. (Alec's was the best, he declared to the room: "WHAT THE HELL?! WHO PUT THIS PICTURE OF SOME RANDOM LITTLE NERD ON MY HOMEWORK DIARY?!" And Katie's begrudged face as she peeled a pic of Kevin the bird of the front of her Science book HAHAHA.)

Then Photography. We just printed shizzle off.
And it was then on the bus on the way home that Kam said the line of the day!
I said, "Kam don't you wanna squidge up a bit?" (Me, Kam, and Ainsley had to share a seat haha) to which he replied, "well, I don't know how far to squidge without it being classed as sex" which is very true these days!

Then I looked after His Lordship. He lost his toy in the garden so he wasn't in a very good mood. After vigorous running around, I was all set for me to ignore him, and for him to settle down in his bed, and for the both of us to have a snooze to Classic FM as usual, but he kept crying!! Until Mum came down with odd stomach problems and said that I should call Quiz to sort out when to visit for them to sign my forms. Friday I'm going. Then I called up Erin to see if she wanted to come, and spent like an hour and a half on the phone to her!! =)

hmmmm. To MyMaths or not to MyMaths?
naaaah CBA...!!!

ciao ciao


debs. said...

you're British, right?

I LOVE the way you talk. Love. Love.

So cool.

tegan said...

I am British - really!? well, thats a first! Thanks! :D