Thursday, 1 October 2009

oh hai

Just got back from EXTREME WALKIES with Rufus and everyone else on the Heath. And ahhhh my head hurts like a bitch. And I'm getting a Chinese takeaway. Wooh.

So anyway, today...what happened? Well...first thing was double Photography and I found out that Miss Rose has no idea how to print screen. Then double PE where Dom and I had awkward conversations with Alex and um yeah. At lunch we didn't see the Year Eights that we start beef with worst luck, but we did see Nicole True after she got hit in the head with a badminton racket. Well, that's just what I've heard.

Then we had English, (HAH. What a joke.) the last lesson of das tag because school finished early at 2.10 because of Open Evening. Anyway we just viewed Tim's surfing alien and rubbing each other's legs etc. OK, that sounded wrong. But it happened.
And then...THE BUS. Erin came with me so we could go to the Heath and visit Ruby...and it's really wierd cos the bus is really like...squashed now. All the pondtail kids come on it nowadays. So I had to sit in the luggage holder thingamabob with Tim whilst we saw the sexiest girl alive. Her name was Hazel.

And now I'm thinking of retiring to The Loft (i.e my room) and reading all my old ELLE's to take my mind of my pain. (my head and my fingernail which I banged the cupboard shut on when I was getting maple syrup out this morning. There's a price to pay for an awesome breakfast)

whatever, I'm off.

ciao ciao

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oilstein said...

Ahaha Miss Rose is a complete idiot when it comes to computers.. I have to teach her everything haha. This morning I taught her how to put the projector on freeze lol. xoxo