Monday, 9 September 2013

Autumn: Awakening The Tumblr Girl In All Of Us

(These photos are the best pick of what I found when I typed in #autumn on tumblr, add them to your mood board or something)

Ah yes, Autumn, the season we all build up in our heads as something adorably orange-and-brown, filled with good books, knitwear, hot drinks, and perfectly baked pastries. OK so there is a part of us that knows that Autumn won't really be like this. Autumn means new beginnings, a new academic year, but it also means a lot of grey skies and slightly damp pavements. But part of us longs to dream for these photos and hope that Autumn will really be like this for us, and you know what that's OK, cos it means that on the rare occasions that stuff actually looks like this, you'll be extra happy and appreciative. There will be a moment where it rains and you'll be in bed with a cup of tea and a book and you'll be like wow I feel like I'm in a tumblr post, and that's great. Or maybe you'll be walking round to the local Tesco or whatever with your headphones in listening to a chill tune and you've got a woolly hat on and you can see the leaves are changing colour and you'll be like yeah yeah yeah this is beautiful guys. And right now, I am sitting in my attic bedroom and the rain is pounding hard on the windows and I'm reading a book that, albeit I'm not really getting into, but it's for my university course which is just round the corner, and it's fucking awesome and it's making me happy, and I hope the same happens to you all too.


Unknown said...

can't believe i've only just discovered your blog! it's lovely (:

Unknown said...

Roll on Autumn indeed, I can't wait for all of this! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad